Stingray-7 Servo Gearbox (1,19 sec/60°, 8,6 RPM, coppia 2450 oz-in, rotazione 257°)

193,60 (158,69 + IVA)

COD: 3215-0001-0007 Categoria:



Peso 221 g
Rapporto di trasmissione 7:1
Intervallo di tensione 4,8 V - 8,4 V
Velocità a vuoto (4,8 V) 1,75 sec/60° (5,7 giri/min)
Velocità a vuoto (6,0 V) 1,40 sec/60° (7,1 giri/min)
Velocità a vuoto (7,4 V) 1,20 sec/60° (8,6 giri/min)
Coppia di stallo (4,8 V) 1680 oz-in (120,4
Coppia di stallo (6,0 V) 2100 oz-in (151,2
Coppia di stallo (7,4 V) 2450 oz-in (176,4
Corrente a vuoto (4,8 V) 150 mA
Corrente a vuoto (6V) 160mA
Corrente a vuoto (7,4 V) 200 mA
Corrente di stallo (4,8 V) 2000 mA
Corrente di stallo (6V) 2500mA
Corrente di stallo (7,4 V) 3000 mA
Tipo di motore DC con spazzole
Direzione con aumento del segnale PWM in senso antiorario
Intervallo PWM massimo 500-2500 μsec
Intervallo PWM massimo (Continuo) 900-2100 µsec
Corsa al μsec 0,13°/μsec
Rotazione massima 257° (0,75 giri)
Ampiezza dell'impulso 3-5V
Larghezza banda morta 4μsec
Lunghezza filo 300 mm (11,81")
Calibro filo 22AWG
Tipo di connettore Connettore servo TJC8 a 3 poli [MH-FC]
Proprietà intellettuale brevettata

This Stingray-7 Servo Gearbox is driven by the goBILDA® 5-Turn Torque Servo. This gearbox introduces a 7:1 external gear ratio in order to lessen the range while increasing the torque and precision seven-fold. If this ratio doesn't suit your needs, be sure to check out the other Servo Gearbox options.

Having the servo mounted in the gearbox isolates the load to a steel hub-shaft that is supported in a pair of ball bearings to protect the servo from any axial loads. The gearbox opens up a world of mounting possibilities given the M4 threaded holes on each side which are on the grid pattern for compatibility throughout the goBILDA® system. The hub on the top of the gearbox provides threaded holes to fasten to, but you can also opt to fasten straight to the aluminum output gear using M4 hardware and standoffs or spacers. The 8mm REX bore of the hub-shaft can drive an 8mm REX shaft or act as a wire pass-thru.

If you’re not accustomed to using a servo gearbox, it’s just like a normal servo only larger. While the range and torque might be greater than the servos you’re used to, the control signal is identical. It will simply plug into an R/C receiver, an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or REV controller. Furthermore, since the servo hasn’t been modified in any way, it is FTC legal!

This Servo Gearbox is available in both feedback mode, and continuous mode. In feedback mode, your signal controls the position. In continuous mode, your signal controls the speed and direction. Regardless of which you purchase, it can always be toggled to the other mode with a 3102-0001-0001 servo programmer. That is because the goBILDA® 5-Turn Torque Servo used to power the gearbox is a dual-mode servo.

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