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Rule the rotation of your servo with the Servo Commander! Its input knob provides real-time servo control while four buttons store configurable travel positions. You can even use the buttons to select your preferred PWM range among four preset options during power-up!

Servo Connection

Two sets of 2.54mm (0.1”) headers allow you to put up to two servos under the Servo Commander’s control.

Servo Position Programming

Storing and recalling a servo travel position couldn’t be easier! It’s just like saving radio stations on a car’s stereo. When your servo is in the position you want to save, just hold your button of choice until its corresponding LED illumination is solid. The next time that button is pressed, the servo will travel right back to the saved position!

PWM Range Customization

Each of the Servo Commander’s 4 preset PWM ranges has been specially selected by the goBILDA® R&D team to provide you the best options for a variety of servos!

  • 1050µs - 1950µs: The standard for 90° rotation.
  • 850µs-2150µs: The typical max signal range for Hitec and Savox digital servos.
  • 600µs-2400µs: Allows most analog servos to rotate 180°.
  • 500µs-2500µs: Enables goBILDA® servos to achieve full travel!

It’s extremely easy to configure between preset ranges! No computer required. Just follow these steps:

  1. Power off Servo Commander.
  2. Hold button of desired PWM range.
  3. Power on Servo Commander while holding button.
  4. Release button when the corresponding LED illumination is solid.


The Servo Commander can handle 5-15V nominal voltage delivered into its XT30 or header pins by a battery or wall-mounted power source.


Two M4 screws and locknuts hold the Commander’s case together, while the thru-holes on the remaining opposite corners allow you to fasten the Commander to any assembly or component matching its goBILDA® 32mm square pattern. You can easily swap out the pair of case-securing screws with longer ones to install your Commander with four screws!

Peso 23g
Voltaggio in Ingresso (Limite) 5 - 15VDC

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